Friday, December 26, 2014

As I was worshiping God this morning All You've Ever Wanted by Casting Crowns came on.  

I was chasing healing when I'd been made well
I was fighting battles when You conquered hell
Living free but from a prison cell
Lord, I lay it down today

So I'll stop living off of how I feel
And start standing on Your truth revealed
Jesus is my strength, my shield
And He will never fail me

No more chains, I've been set free
No more fighting battles You've won for me
Now in Christ, I stand complete

I needed to hear these words today.  I refuse to be that broken little girl who waisted way to many years bound to the pains of my past.  Today I take a stand, I refuse to get caught up in life's challenges, fighting a battle that God has already won for me.  A price that an innocent man paid for me, for my sins, for my freedom.  God graciously gave his life so that I could live life abundantly, and I will honor his life and mine by doing so!  My prayer today is that those who have not gained that understanding will one day feel God's warm embrace as I have. 

I will not dwell on the past, nor focus on my current circumstance.  I can't afford to focus on anything but Jesus and the blood he shed for me.  I choose to get back up however many times necessary and live my life as a testament of God's faithfulness and grace.

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