Monday, December 22, 2014

I am excited to announce that David will be participating in Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on January 18th.  I would love for all of our Team David fans and supporters to share in this extraordinary event with us.

David is going to have the opportunity to run/roll with a partner runner. There's an organization of people who have decided to sponsor a child to share their legs with.  ;)   The thought of David having the opportunity to participate in a marathon is fun and exciting, but more than anything else the mere thought of watching my child roll past the finish line brings tears of joy to my eyes. 

As David has transitioned in to adulthood I have had to come to terms with the fact that there are some dreams I have had for us that need to be laid to rest.  It has been an extremely emotional process that has been difficult for most people to understand.   Every mother naturally wants to watch their child walk or hit milestones that they watch all of their friends children hit. At some point as the mother of a special needs child, you learn to set those disappointments aside so that you can embrace the journey you have been chosen for. 

That being said, it does not make the process any less heart wrenching for a mother.   You eventually learn to focus on all the amazing things your child can do.  But there are some dreams that are hard to let go of, so you tuck those ones far away so that they don’t haunt you.  Watching David miss out on typical experiences has been the hardest part of this process for me.  As his mother I want nothing more than to give my bright eyed, courageous, hero all the opportunities that children with out medical challenges have, but some days I don’t feel too successful. 

There are some experiences you don’t think you'll be afforded the opportunity to see here on this earth.  Surprisingly sometimes you are!  To me this experience is God gently whispering to me that he hears the cries of my heart. God is reminding me that although reaching our dreams might not look as though I thought they would, God is still granting us our dreams in a different form.  Watching my child participate in a marathon and roll past a finish line will be a dream come true for us!!!!

THANK YOU RUNNERS AND BEST BUDDIES!!!!!   Thank you for giving us a gift that money could never buy, an opportunity to see my child do something that I never thought I'd get to see him do. Thank you for putting a smile on this mommies face.  When you have to go without you learn to appreciate the little things.  In the process you gain an understanding of the true value of such cherished experiences.  A cherished gift from you to us!  THANK YOU ;)

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