Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Well I am glad to be home and recuperating from a very exciting, but physically demanding adventure with my little hero.  Being away from our world is very eye opening and puts things in perspective.  In our own environment it is much easier to compensate and forget how challenging it can be to interact in a world not made for disabilities.

David and I live a typical life and often times I forget that we are "different".  Being outside of our own environment made the struggle real and obvious.  It also made me appreciate all the people in our lives who accept us and embrace our lives just the way they are.

I want to thank my amazing niece Sierra and BFF Carmen who not only embrace our no limit attitudes but assist in helping David experience opportunities must children in his condition could not.  No questions asked they helped me carry David and tug the wheelchair up mountains, on boats, and through sand to ensure that he did not miss out.

Most children can return from summer break with stories about the sports programs they participated in or other opportunities that David's disabilities limit him from, so I have always prided myself on making sure that David has opportunities that are unique and just as spectacular.  As he has gotten older and heavier these adventures have become more challenging for me.   I am truly thankful that we have friends and family that not only love us, but support me in making the most of our lives just as they are!  Watching David light up and laugh for 10 days straight made every ounce of effort worth wild.

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