Monday, November 2, 2015

I finished up my dental work today, but they were unable to save my crown.  The thought of another expense when I am already overwhelmed by other unexpected expenses got me really upset.  I tried to fight back the tears as I explained to the dentist that I was only going to be able to address our original dental concerns until I could figure out my finances. He left for a minute and then came back and told me that he wanted to make sure that I got all the work I needed, done and he did not want money to be an obstacle.  He then reduced the fee for the second crown by more than half and offered to cap my dental implant that  broke for almost nothing.  

Those concerns and worries were private conversation between God and I.   Once the dentist was done going over the new payment plan I could no longer hold back the tears.  The dentist had know idea that God was going to use him to answer my prayers.  I sat with my mouth open, a drill going, and tears running down my face, I knew God was with me.  #Godisalwaysfaithful


  1. I am glad to hear that your dentist put your health before the bill, as it shows your dentist really cares about your well-being. I had a similar experience where I did not have the full payment for the procedure, and this was after the discount plan, so they told me I could just pay the rest at the next appointment.

    Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry

  2. That's beautiful. There can be so much kindness in people's hearts. My husband needed an emergency root canal once and the dentist was so accommodating. He walked us through the procedure and was very kind. And just like what happened with you, our dentist did not let cost be an obstacle. He helped us set up a no interest payment plan and I am so thankful for that.

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry

  3. It is truly amazing how kinda and thoughtful some people can be. I had a similar experience when I was younger and money was tight. I had to get a cavity filled and was unprepared for how much it would cost. The dentist office was kind enough to set me up with a payment plan that worked with me. It made the whole process much more manageable.

    Freddie Gray @ Ballantyne Dentistry

  4. It is a great reminder how much a simple act of kindness can impact someones lives. We all have the opportunity to make this kind of impact daily and it is nice when people choose to do so.

    @Beyond Expectation Dental