Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let make this families dreams come true

Can anyone help me get this letter to Justin Bieber or anyone who can help us get this little angel a Meet and Greet.   #helpangelitameetbieber

Dear Justin Bieber,

I am writing this letter on behalf of a beautiful family I know. I met Dalia in a group for moms parenting special needs children. I learned about the tragic day that changed their families lives. At age four while playing in a bounce house, Dalia’s youngest daughter Angelita fell, and was trampled by other children. No one knew how serious her injury was, until hours later when doctors informed the family that Angelita has suffered a spinal cord injury and would spend the rest of her life paralyzed from the neck down. Life as they new forever changed in an instant. There once vibrant daughter now needed a chair to get around, a ventilator to breath for her, and a g-tube to help her eat. Despite this tragedy this family is one of the most positive and gracious families I know.

Angelita has been Justin Biebers fan for over four year. Her love for Bieber started in 2011 when she was stuck in the hospital while her body was recovering from her injury. Bieber was Angelita motivation, his music inspired her to be strong throughout her recovery process. As the family adjusted to their new normal Angelita began learning new ways to access the same things she once enjoyed so easily. She began using a computer that she could control using her eyes. The family was astonished when her first successful attempt was to find and view the Justin Bieber video “Never say Never”. The song quickly became Angelita motto, and she has lived the last four years refusing to let anything crush her precious spirits. 

At that time she did not have the strength to speak very well but she did manage to sing along to her favorite songs like "Baby" and "One less lonely girl". Her admiration for Justin has not faded, since then her dream has been to be able to meet Justin one day.  It comes second to her ultimate dream to marry him.

Angelita is a strong, inspiring little girl, her energy is spread through her smile that brightens the lives of everyone blessed to share it with her.  Justin's songs have helped Angelita overcome the tragedy and loss in her life and watching her overcome her loss has allowed her amazing mom to heal as well. Angelita is now an independent 9 year old that loves a challenge. She truly is a "believer".  She believes that there is good in everyone, she believes that a smile can brighten anyone's day, she believes that she can make a difference in this world and she does. Most importantly, she believes that one day she will be able to walk again.

  At age four Angelita told her parents that she prayed everyday that she could walk again, but since God had not answered yet, she new it was because their were other children who needed him more. A young girl wise beyond her years and destined for greatness. 

I would love nothing more than to make this incredible Hero's

 dream to meet Bieber come true. Not only would the experience be life altering for Angelita it would also impact her family that has rearrange their entire life to give Angelita the life she needs and deserves. Her mom Dalia has already had to watch her daughter miss out on so many things as a result of her injury and limitations. Her mom said to me “I would like nothing more than to make all of her wishes come true. I can't make her walk again but what I can do is ask for help to make it possible for her to meet Justin Beiber. She truly is an amazing girl and deserves so much".

Of course Angelita’s Christmas wish was for tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Arizona this March. Surprising her with a meet and greet with Justin would not only make this precious souls dreams come true, it would honor her journey, and the strength and courage she has shared with all those who know her. 

Please help us make this happen for this incredible family who has already had to sacrifice so much,

Michelle Campuzano

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