Friday, January 15, 2016

The moments that make every obstacle in teaching worth it.

 My little Emma has struggled with her balance which has prevented her from walking. While problem solving we thought of putting a weighted lap pad in a back pack to help her with her balance. IT WORKED!!!!!

                                                                    January 2016

Today I am overwhelmed with joy!  God is so faithful!  For many years my heart ached for the experiences David and I never got to have.  As the years have passed I have learned to trust God and his promise.  I might not ever have the opportunity to see my own child walk, but God has graciously allowed me to still be part of the experience in others lives.  Emma is the 3rd child who came to me in a wheelchair that I have had the privilege of watching take steps.  Teachers salaries might be low, but our benefits are out of this world!

April 2015

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