Saturday, February 20, 2016

She is beautiful, caring, honest, passionate, an entrepreneur, free-spirited, honest, sunshine, she turns my gray skies blue. She's my best friend Christina Hoyt.

When my father was still alive, he was my absolute best friend. He was our cheerleader, advocate, he was my strength when I was to weak or scared to carry on, on my own. He always offered wise council, with my best interest at mind. When he passed away it left a gaping whole in my heart.  Every year on February 20th, I am reminded of the day, the day he took his last breath,  the day that I was informed that I would never get to see him, hug him, seek his council, going a shopping escapade, cry on his shoulder, or share in another memory with him on this earth again.   
The day, that in an instant our lives were    forever changed by his loss. 

That reminder has made this day very painful for me, for many years.  God and my father knew how heavy my heart had been and had heard my prayers for peace and comfort.  I believe that is why they sent me YOU! Out of nowhere I met this friend who was much younger than me, but that I was immediately connected too. It was like we had know each other our whole lives.  We had fun together, we cried until we laughed and laughed until we cried, we were passionate about the same things, and we were both always up for an adventure. 
It just seems so natural.

As we begin creating memories together I quickly realize just how extraordinary of a friend to Christina was.  When I found out her birthday was on February 20th, the day I lost a piece of my heart, I knew it was no coincidence. 
I believe that Christina was God and my fathers gift to me.

Through a great loss blossomed a great gain.   Christina you have held my hand while I spread my father's ashes at one of the seven wonders of World. We have taken my father to Honduras and Europe. You did know he was with us right? LOL    You traveled with me across the world to visit my mother who was battling Cancer in Spain.  You have been that friend who is pulled me out of some of my darkest places.  Even if I just needed you to play with my hair and wipe my tears when I needed a good hard cry, you were there.  You encourage me and remind me I matter. You push me, drag me, lunge me forward in life.  All the losses that once made it so hard to let my father rest, I have now found in you. I can never replace the relationship between my father and I, but he did one hell of job sending me you!  Thanks for being the “That Friend” to me!  You have forever changed our lives.

Thank you Mary Hoyt for giving us this beautiful gift, Christina and giving me something to smile about on February 20th.


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