Thursday, February 11, 2016

Felling Proud

Sometimes God requires us to plant seeds, some times our job is to water them, other times we harvest, and every once in a while you get to watch what you planted grow into something beautiful. Today I saw a picture of one of my youth Lorenzo, who turned his life around. He went from a trouble youth to a U.S. Marine. I got to watch be part of his life throughout this transition and he has been an inspiration to me. I witnessed him overcome all of the challenges and obstacles in his way. Then I ran into two young adults Flerida Ayala Valenzuela and Francisco Ayala, who I had the privilege to working with back in 2002- 2004 at a Youth Intervention program I volunteered at. Today I got to meet their precious little son, who they are doing an exceptional job raising. I was overwhelmed with joy. I thought of how great our God is and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity and honor to know theses now adults for so many years. I think of all the kids of have impacted my life. Kids I have gotten to watch travel their own journey, and find God's purpose for their lives. Watching them walk into greatness is such an incredible experience. James Cardenas watching you chase God as you develop such a powerful testimony has blessed me beyond words. Then there is Laylanie Pinchem and Juno Starko who I have been able to watch turn a "job" into an opportunity to change lives and share the love of Christ on a daily basis. There passion and dedication at such a young age drives me to be a better person. I am just overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness and pride in the young adults God has put in my life.

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