Wednesday, April 13, 2016

As the storm hits, I realize that the lesson God wants me to learn in this, is that I have to lay the battle at his feet and let him take the lead.  

The other day while trying to process some of the current uncertainties in my life, I asked God to guide me to a scripture. The first scripture I got was about putting on the full armor of God! I got it... the one piece of armor I am missing is his word. I know how to trust him, speak with him, praise him, but I have been convicted that I am not relying on the word of God as much as I should be.   

Today after a looooong day, I drug myself to Bible study.  I know that if I want to be the best I can be for my son, youth, students, school, friends, and family I must put in the work necessary to advance me for the Kingdom. I know I'm not strong enough on my own.

I've decided to lay down my weapons and pick up the word of God because I know GOD ALWAYS WINS!

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