Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cesar Chavez High School Prom 2016

Our first stop before Prom  was to deliver the first corsage to Pam, Jessica's mom.  There's a butterfly on each corsage and David's boutonniere to remind us that her spirit is with us! We love and miss you Jessica Dunn!


As I reflect on today my heart is overwhelmed with joy! I think of David's face when he saw his two gorgeous prom dates. As we were taking photos we couldn't get them to look at the camera because he was mesmerized staring up at the most beautiful dates there! His dates Juno Starko & Laylanie Pinchem.  As special mom we often miss out on many of the "typical" experiences parents look forward too. David has attended prom, but I wanted him to experience a regular high school prom, with all the lights and glamour. Tonight I got to send my son off to prom, this time to regular prom without mom.   As I got in my car I couldn't stop the tears of joy as I thanked God for fulfilling the desires of my heart.   

I knew David was in good hands because I watch these women take care of our babies in the classroom every single day. You women are remarkable and God has huge plans for you. Thank you for affording us this opportunity and experience, one David  nor I will ever forget and will be forever grateful for. #kindnesswins #Godheatsyou

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