Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just thinking about how amazing God has been to us. Two years ago I was on my way to Europe to go visit my mom in prison.  The reality of the trip was that this experience might be goodbye, as my mom was going into a very risky surgery to remove her Cancer. Today she is home safe and healthy.  

This year I will be returning to Europe to embark on a different journey.  This trip I get to enjoy with David and some incredible woman that God is put in my life! This memory is a reminder to me of God's promises to work all things out for his good.  

My word of advice to anyone struggling in the mist of a storm right now, would be to hold on tight because God is working out something incredible for your life.  Better than you could've ever imagined! Enjoy the ride and use every opportunity to grow closer to God, because he will carry you through the storm and walk you into your purpose and destiny.

God is so good and so faithful!

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