Tuesday, September 20, 2016

One of my Tuesday highlights...

The district has been unable to fill the position for a one on one aid for one of my students to be able to participate in after school programming. Of course I was not going to let anything stand in his way so I signed up to be his one on one. 

As science club began, I overheard some of the students at Andrew's table asked him what grade he was in and when he responded 3rd grade they didn't believe him. The students were not at all trying to be mean they, were trying to understand. They then asked him "if you're in third grade, what is 100×100?" 

He couldn't respond so I immediately jumped in and explained to them that every class learns different things at different times and that he could not answer the question because we had not yet gotten to that curriculum. They were very kind about it and the conversation ended. 

When I came time to write their observations I took a highlighter and wrote the words on Andrew's paper. He has issues with fine motor so I write all of his words for him and he traces them. As The students began their next task I looked over and the same student who asked him about his multiplication facts grab the highlighter and wrote all of the words on Andrew's paper for him before completing his own. 

I know I'm a big baby but I cried my little eyes out! I can explain The joy that overtook me as I watched this encounter from the back of the room. watching one of my school babies get the opportunity to have this experience with his same aged peers, was too precious for words. I love how kind the culture of our school is!

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