Sunday, November 27, 2016

David... My Giant Slayer!

I know today is your special day, but is on your Birthday that I receive the greatest gift, another year with you my love!

On moments that I feel weak and alone, you remind me to stay focused on God,  that together we can conquer the world!

When I am tired and overwhelmed, your strength and perseverance encourage me to keep going!

When fear begins to whisper in my ear "your not enough", your courage tells me that God has selected only the best for you, and that was me.

Just when I feel like I can no longer bear the weight of life, you're contagious joy inspire me to smile my way through

When I reflect back over the past 20 years we've had together, it makes me proud to acknowledge that we've been one heck of a team. Needing to be your voice taught me the value of mine.  Knowing that my strength would be necessary to carry you to places your legs couldn't take you, taught me how to dig deep.  Discovering your heart would take mine to places I didn't know it could go, taught me to trust love.

You my son are responsible for the woman I am today.  I'm forever grateful for the miracle God sent me 20 years ago today. A "fragile" Child whose smile would change the world, at least my world.  I would've never imagined myself as a mother of a child whose every breath would testify of God's mercy and  faithfulness!  Here we are 20 years in the making, and I am so honored that God chose you for me.

Happy 20th  Birthday David

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