Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The last few weeks of been tough as I faced one of the most difficult professional decisions I've ever had to make. I don't know why this decision was so extremely challenging for me, but it was.  
Eight weeks ago I got a very special student. He immediately stole my heart and I knew he was going to need a lot of extra love. I gave him all I had, but I eventually realized that even that was not enough in my current classroom setting. As a team we decided that he was better suited for another program on another campus. I know it was what was best, but goodbyes are difficult for me and my students mean absolutely everything to me.
Today we celebrated my friends last day in class with us. We celebrated his successes and all of the accomplishments and progress he's made in two short months. Still my heart was heavy that I wouldn't see him every day. I had to trust that the next teacher will speak life into him and love him through his conflicts as our team did.  
Today at gathering Circle the children were asked to share something they were thankful for and his first response was "Ms. C". I knew even for a brief time, his life was impacted by my dedication, and my life was impacted by his courage. He then looked up at me and said "Ms. C did you know that God is my father? That means that you are my sister and your son is my brother".  
In that moment God used my first grader to remind me that I was not handing him over to a system or program. I was handing him over to God. I also knew that God was going to take great care of this little boy who will forever have a place in my heart! #room28

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