Friday, November 18, 2016

Today my babies learned a valuable lesson. Friday is our class payday. Throughout the week they earn money for good behavior and homework and on Fridays they get to withdraw their money from their "bank accounts" and purchase items from her classroom store. 
Today we did things a little different. Each student hand selected an item from prize box to donate to our stocking drive. With no hesitation or resistance each one of them selected an item that they wanted, but were willing to sacrifice for a child in need. It's so beautiful to watch my students compassion and love in action!  
I have struggled this week. Because my heart and soul is invested in creating change, it is hard not to become discourage when there is so much change that needs to happen. Our educational systems are so broken and the same passion that keeps me a dedicated educator also makes my heart break for my students and any and all children who suffer. 
Sometimes as an educator we have to put down our grade books, stop stressing over lesson plans, and all other demands of teaching, to understand that above all else there are greater lessons to be learned. Today my babies made me proud! Along with academics they are learning to be compassionate human beings who care to make a difference in the lives of others. #room28


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