Monday, December 26, 2016

This year is the first year since my father passed that I have been able to find the strength courage to overcome my holiday blues!  For me it was a matter of perspective. Once I was able to keep my focus on Christ and everything he has blessed us with instead of the things we were yet to have, God opened incredible doors for us.

I don't have my own little ones to be excited about Santa, but God gave me over 100 children who don't have parents to bless this Season.

My son is still in a wheelchair, but God gave us a vehicle that makes this world more accessible for us.

Although our family was not able to come together for the holidays, God provided me a beautiful family to share these special moments with so David and I did not feel all alone on Christmas.

And to top our Christmas off, today we blessed one of our youth James Cardenas Byus as he begins his journey in ministry! A young man that I have prayed for for many years!

God is a loving and faithful God, but the minute we take our eyes off him we risk missing out on incredible experiences God has planned for us!

Merry Christmas and a special thank you to everybody who made this Christmas extra special for us!

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