Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cheesy Teacher post...

I'm doing A social intervention with some students on my campus that are having a hard time getting along or fitting in with others.  I had a heart to heart with the bullies and gave them a daily assignment.  I instructed them to give out two complements. One to the child they were bullying and one to  another person in their class.  At the same time I've been working with the student being bullied, teaching him to speak up and advocate for himself.  He has also been learning that no matter what anyone else thinks "he is enough".  It started a week and a half ago and so far not only are all the kids giving out compliments but they're coming straight to my room after school to share with me their experiences. The boy being bullied has now come to school for eight days without crying and refusing to go to class, he has become an Assistant in my science club, and he's smiling again.  Teaching has by far been the most difficult and rewarding thing I've ever done, outside of being a mother.  Witnessing love in action is a beautiful thing!  #KindnessWins #Room28

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