Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Thank You Letter to God

March 5, 17

Dear God

Abba father, Yahweh, my Provider, the author of my story, the only one who knows my beginning and my end. 

I need you. I thankful for this season of transformation and growth.  I am overwhelmed by my recent encounters, incredible women, and the community you have place so dear to my heart, to inspire, motivate, encourage, and empower me to draw closer to you.  Thank you for embracing my imperfect human self! You've opened the gates of heaven so that I could be free from so many things that bound me for so many years. You loved me when I was unlovable and you trusted me when I was untrustworthy. You have helped me transition from victim to victor!

Everything that I am today is because of your loving kindness. I hope to spend every waking moment of every day, giving you glory for all that I am and all that David and I have overcome. I am grateful for the peace and comfort that has come with me  finding my purpose and value in you. 

You have taught me how to find such purpose in my pain. For that I am forever grateful. I no longer question any of the mountains we had to climb along the way.  I now see you in it all and now see that some of the resistance I have faced in my lifetime has been you refusing to leave me to my own demise.

I asked that you continue to guide my path. Lead me to the right people, scriptures, the right places, and to the right encounters in my walk with you. I confidently trust you with my future and ask that you close all doors not meant for me and to open all doors I need to enter.
Let everything I do you glorify you.  May I represent you well in all that I do. 

Forgive me for my shortcomings, but know that I strive to be more my art like you daily. Forgive me for getting too busy to consult you at times. For forgetting how important your word is or not remembering that I need to be in your presence more than just on Sundays at church.  In moments I feel like I can handle no more I always hear your encouraging words telling me to get back up. Thank you for that encouragement. 

God I am aware that what is happening in my life is bigger than me.   I believe that you want more for me. I believe I will be a business owner, an activist for the community of South Phoenix, and maybe even a wife one day.   My dreams are big and everyone of them involves leaving an impact for the Kingdom of God.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve you with all that I am.

Thank you for the uncomfortable change in my life.  For a perfect son and a platform to change the lives of the hurting. 

I'm thankful that you've taught me to see myself as you do. A courageous God fearing woman, who is ready to do whatever it takes to glorify your name.  Please continue to guide me.

Your Daughter,

Michelle Campuzano

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