Sunday, April 16, 2017

I am so very proud of my students! Once again, love in action, proves that kindness always wins!  If we want this world to be a better place, then we are going to have to slow down and teach the next generation how to make it a better place!   

David and my students are my motivation, inspiration, and my Superheroes! #Room28 #HisSmileKeepsMeGoing #TeamDavid.#TheGreaterPurposeProject

Friday, April 14, 2017

Not only is today the day that Christ died for you, me, and everyone in this world.  Today also marks 15 years since I turned my life around and decided to walk with Christ. The journey has not been perfect but it has absolutely been worth it.  Until I made the conscious decision to live my life for Jesus, I spent 22 years searching for something, anything that could fill the void and heal the pain in my life.

I have since learned to trust God since he has proven time and time again that he always comes through.  Instead of living a life of bondage and fear, I  now live a life of freedom and courage.  Instead of always being unsatisfied I now live confidently knowing that the God I serve always wins!

If you are hurting, discouraged, feeling defeated, or just need to know how loved you are, be encouraged knowing that on this day many years ago, God decided you were worth it, and sacrificed his life for you!

God is there, he loves you, and he wants to heal your soul while comforting your heart.  Jesus is just waiting for you to invite him in and surrender all of life's burdens to him..  I speak from experience, he always shows up when you call upon the sweet name of Jesus.  #It'sMyJesusBirthday