Sunday, May 7, 2017

Today I witnessed the most incredible encounter with my child. We were sitting in church during worship, praising God. David had tons of energy and he was dancing his little heart out. Then a man walked approximately halfway down the isle and dropped  to his knees and through his hands in the air. It was obvious the man was at a place of total surrender, he was experiencing God.  

David looked back, stopped what he was doing, reversed his wheelchair, and rolled towards the man.  He then looked back at me for my OK and when I shook my head yes he rolled up to the man and grabbed his hands.  The man began to weep as did everybody else who witnessed that moment.

It's been an extremely difficult month for me.   There's been challenges, loss, huge decisions, and lots of change in our world.   Today in that moment, God showed me that he sent me the most purest soul to look over my heart. He gave me a child who is the most Christlike human being I've ever met. He's pure and without anger, he's everything God's word calls us to be, and he's also my son!

David makes me the proudest mother in the universe! I'm so thankful he's mine and I'm so honored that God has entrusted me with such a precious gift.  David always reminds me that there's going to be brighter days ahead.

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